Dapper Confidential Features IGC Cocktail Curator Will Benedetto In Father’s Day Gift Guide

Casamigos Tequila
For tequila tips, I asked Will Benedetto, Cocktail Curator of In Good Company Hospitality. “My first experience with tequila was more of a head-on collision with a brand that most likely had a worm inside the plastic bottle. Now that I’ve grown up, I look for tequila that inspires more so than just having a “smooth” flavor. I want to taste the agave! Tequila, similar to wine, is a very terroir-driven spirit and this is evident in a quality tequila like Casamigos, which is why we use it in our cocktails at Trademark Taste + Grind. Casamigos has notes of wet clay, bell pepper, and a touch of spice giving it great character to mix into a drink or to enjoy neat.”