Rosé Bar Crawl Features IGC Hospitality in This Weekend Events

For some of us, like me, Summer isn’t over until the Rosé runs out. IGC Hospitality is making the most of these last few warm weeks with a Rosé Crawl that stretches over 5 venues, each with one complimentary Rose inspired cocktail. Venues included on this Rosé-colored trail include Mondrian Terrace, Refinery Rooftop, Park Avenue Tavern, Woodpecker by David Burke, and Trademark Taste + Grind. Rosé fanatics will start the tour and Mondrian Terrace to pick up their tickets, enjoy the first cocktail, and head off for an afternoon of sunshine and pink wine. The rest of the map is up to you! Choose whatever order you’d like! Make sure to stop and smell the Rosé!


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