Boogie Room Inside

The Manual Features The Boogie Room in The 10 Best Whiskies For Boulevardiers

A mellow rye whiskey with subtle spice results in an elegant Boulevardier, and when beverage manager Allison Klug of The Boogie Room in New York City makes this cocktail, she opts for Whistle Pig 10 Year Rye. Klug tells us that “Whistle Pig 10 Year has always been my go-to for a Boulevardier cocktail. Their ryes in general always have the perfect punch of spice but are at the same time still super soft. Some of my best memories will always be enjoying Boulevardiers with the late Dave Pickerell, [Whistle Pig’s] master distiller. We would sip on them and debate our favorite ways to make them, laughing the night away and talking about nothing and everything at the same time. When I drink [a Whistle Pig Boulevardier], I can hear his giant laugh with every sip. His spirit lives in that drink.


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