Photo of Nicole Lonigro

Nicole Lonigro: A Fighter on the Frontline

Nicole LonigroWhen they say “look for the helpers”, you do not have to look very far for Nicole Lonigro. She was born to help. Whether as one of the first employees at Bungalow Bar in Rockaway Beach or simply being there for her friends and family. She always puts her needs last. This is to let you know how proud we are of her as she fights for all of us.
Up until COVID-19’s strike on NYC, Nicole worked in a breast imaging center for Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital as an ultrasound technician, but when called, she answered.  Nicole was asked to join the X-ray department in the Emergency Room, mostly assisting with chest X-rays for incoming COVID patients. Nicole has been working tirelessly, 7 days a week, overnights, 16+ hour shifts, without a complaint. On top of that, Nicole has reached out to friends and family asking if anyone had a loved one at Mt. Sinai so that on her breaks she can visit and comfort them, that’s the epitome of how the selflessness of Nicole.
To know Nicole is to love her. We are happy to also announce that Nicole and her fiancé, Kevin, who is also a “Frontliner” working for the DSNY will be getting married at IGC Hospitality’s The Rockaway Hotel in January 2021. We are proud that she is on our team, that she is in our corner, and she needs to know we have her back too.  So, we tip our hats to you, Nicole, we thank you, and we wish you all the happiness in the world.
By Megan & Michael Lonigro
Patricia McCann

A Note to a Front Line Worker: Patricia McCann

Patricia McCannPatricia McCann is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Manager at NYU Hospital. For over 20 years she worked grueling hours in the ER. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a Nurse Manager in Pre-Admission Testing. When the COVID-19 hit New York City and this unprecedented burden was placed on all our Health Care Workers she and her team were deployed back to where they were needed.

Patricia, or Patty as we know her, is a prime example of loyalty. Not only is she loyal to her team on the frontline she is loyal to IGC Hospitality. She has thrown many events at our venues and brings her nursing co-workers to our midtown stops after their long days. Before her career as a nurse, over 40 years ago, she was a “barmaid” at the legendary Boardy Barn in the Hamptons. Those countless summer hours helped put her through nursing school and raise three handsome sons. She is a regular at Park Avenue Tavern and is loved by our staff, especially me, her son, Michael.

For us at IGC Hospitality, we can’t thank her enough for her continued service to all of those that need it at this difficult time.

Love you, Mom,
Michael McCann, General Manager Park Avenue Tavern

Nurse in PPE mask

A Friend and a Frontliner – Patrick Bourke

Male in Mask during COVID-19 Pandemic

Patrick Bourke, Nurse and Frontline Worker during COVID-19 Pandemic

From the early days of Metro 53 and Saloon, Patrick Bourke was one of IGC’s best customers;  which is part of the reason why we brought him on as a trusted member of our team.  He also serves on The Executive Health Team at New York-Presbyterian Hospital as a Nurse Clinician. His passion in life is helping others, his calm and expert approach in all of this calamity serves as a guideline for others in the response to COVID-19. 

With mandated visitor restrictions in place for patients, nurses like Patrick are often serving as an extended family member tasked with providing dignified care.  In other scenarios, COVID-19 patients seeking treatment in the comfort of their own home, Patrick is the person that makes it possible.  For us at IGC, we salute Patrick for his efforts as one of the New York City front line workers and thank him for his endless leadership in the battle against COVID-19.